Retro-Inspired Trends Make a Comeback

Fashion is constantly changing, especially with designers always being inspired by new and old ideas. We know fashion generally comes back with certain clothing pieces or accessories usually being worn again every ten or so years. We channel your 90s and early 2000s nostalgia with our favourite retro-inspired fashion trends currently making a comeback. To achieve the following looks, there’s really no need to make your bank account cry, as these garments can be purchased at your local op shop or several clothing boutiques. There are so many trends we love and adore, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top five. Now’s the perfect excuse to borrow things from your mum’s wardrobe.

Baker Boy Hats

From what was initially the staple accessory for baker boys, newspaper boys and dock workers in the 1910s and 20s, the classic baker boy hat has made its return to fashion runways and boutiques. For all you feminists out there, how interesting it is to think an accessory initially worn by lower-class men has become a style craze embraced by women of all classes. Call it female empowerment, a step towards a fashion revolution, whatever you like. Now is the time to channel your inner Peaky Blinders because the trend is back in.

The baker boy hat has been commonly spotted on off-duty models, celebrities and street stylers. Amongst them are Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner who are repeat offenders of mastering the head piece. When styling the hat, dress it up with a blazer or fur jacket, and leather boots, or pair it with a loose t-shirt and ripped jeans for a more casual look. The baker boy hat can even be an added accessory to a music festival outfit. But your colour choice doesn’t have to be limited to simply black. Grey, tan or even burgundy coloured baker boy hats can add a distinct touch to your outfit.

Grey Plaid Blazers


Our next pick is what we’d classify as Clueless with a vintage twist. It’s this season’s must have and definitely hard to miss, look no further than the grey plaid blazer. From what was typically workwear for business men and women back in the day, can now be worn as a fashion statement. If you’ve gone shopping recently, you’ll know how much this trend has inundated shop display windows. Blazers don’t necessarily have to be at hip-bone length, you can also opt for knee-length or longer, and loose-fitting styles too. Whether you wear it draped over your shoulders or with the sleeves through your arms, pair it with a logo tee, jeans or a leather skirt. Or you can even go all out and wear it with a grey plaid skirt or trousers to match. This season’s go-to jacket can be styled with almost anything, it’s really up to you how much you want to dress it up or down. Think of it as your new leather jacket because outerwear as stylish as this has become worth investing in.

Small-Framed Sunglasses

The hype around big frames has now shifted to quite the opposite. Remember those small-framed sunglasses we saw in The Matrix and perhaps in our parents’ summer vacation photos? Well guess what, they’ve become a fashion statement yet again. People are now looking for the teeniest, most narrow framed sunglasses they can get their hands on. Spotted on fashion runways, the likes of Louis Vuitton has incorporated small frames into their Spring/Summer 18 show. Celebrities have been photographed flaunting small frames at red carpet events, particularly Kylie Jenner who wore Alexander Wang sunglasses at the MET Gala, and Rihanna at the Cannes Film Festivalย (but she has been an avid wearer of small-frames even before they became trendy).

But this trend isn’t for everyone, you’ll either love it or hate it. We personally love a cat eye, but your choice can come down to what suits your face shape and what you feel comfortable in. If you’re brave enough to embrace the trend, by all means go for it. Otherwise, relatively smallish sunnies should do the trick. But we’d recommend not spending an arm and leg on a designer pair as it’s likely to be a passing trend.

Basket Bags

the babegaia's ark

Whether you’re adding a bohemian appeal to your outfit, or seeking to achieve an easy and effortless Mediterranean touch, the basket bag trend is the new way to accessorising your outfit. When choosing the perfect basket bag you don’t need to restrict your purchase to straw, there are many options to choose from. Designers have also implemented wicker, rattan and bamboo into their collections, as well as adding in tassels and pom poms. Perhaps one of our favourite styles is the circle cross body bag, given its simplicity can compliment an outfit well.

However, one designer that has caught our eye in particular is Cult Gaia. The brand has gone as far as creating bags with intricate patterns, to even incorporating animal shapes into their designs. Their one design we can’t go passed is the iconic bamboo bag, ‘Gaia’s Ark’. There’s just something about the versatility of the design, we call it luxury designer at a relatively affordable price. Whether you’re embarking on a beach weekend getaway or going out to brunch, match your bag with a linen dress, jumpsuit, or even a pair of blue jeans and sandals. Although it may be cold if you’re living in the land down under like us, this is definitely a trend that will be widely embraced as we enter the warmer months.

White Boots

Although black is usually the safe option when it comes to boots, we’re encouraging you to choose white instead. White sneakers proved to be fashionable over the past year and now white boots have followed. From heeled boots to flat boots, pointed-toe boots, and even over the knee too, the styles are almost endless. If you’re worried about the height (and pain) of stiletto boots, opt for block heels – not only do they provide better comfort, they are certainly proving to be on trend and one of our top picks this season. The amount of white boots that have been spotted on digital influencers and off-duty models gives us an idea of how widely embraced the trend is becoming. Match your boots with bold colours to create a fashion statement, or even go for an all white outfit to keep things minimalistic. White boots provide an easy to achieve look and is proving to have the same versatility as black boots.

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