Leopard Print Love

It’s the trend that comes and goes but never really leaves our wardrobes. That’s right, leopard print. Now’s the time to embrace your inner prowess with this trend. Choosing the best way to add leopard print to your outfit can sometimes be tricky, especially if you want to avoid looking tacky and OTT. But then again, is there such thing as too OTT? We’ve come up with ways to spice up your outfit with leopard print this coming season. It won’t be long before you’ll be strutting the street in style!

Fur Jacket

There’s just something about a fur jacket that makes us feel like we can conquer the world. When it comes to choosing the right colour and style, why not opt for a leopard print one? You’ll have people turning heads for all the right reasons. It’s warm, stylish and has our tick of approval. Now remember, the leopard print fur jacket is the star of your outfit, so you want to keep the rest of what you’re wearing as minimalistic as possible. Style it with a plain tee and black jeans, ensuring there are no clashing patterns or colours.

Slip Dress

If you’re brave enough to go large on leopard, a slip dress could be the stylish number for you. It’s the perfect spring/summer edition, adding vibrance to your wardrobe. A slip-on dress is comfortable, effortless and proving to continue being on trend for the past couple of years. Wear it on top of a plain white tee and add black heeled boots to match.


Although we can encourage you to experiment, if wearing leopard print attire is a bit too much you, go for something a bit more low key. A leopard print scarf is a great way to accessorise your monochrome outfit. Wear it with a black cardigan, leather biker jacket or military coat. When choosing bottoms, go for blue, black or even khaki denim, ripped if you like.

Statement Earrings

We all know that statement earrings are in but let us insist that leopard print earrings have proven to be the accessory everyone needs. From boutiques to large retailers, you can find leopard print earrings pretty much anywhere at the moment. Whether you’re after hoops, tassels or something else spectacular, it’s the perfect way to add a little something to your outfit.


Add a bit of charisma to your outfit with a leopard print skirt. It’ll be perfect for the warmer days ahead. Lightweight midi skirts are our pick this season. To avoid looking tacky, we probably wouldn’t recommend a bodycon style. Besides, there are other garments in that style to flaunt your figure. Like we’ve mentioned, simplicity is key – pair your skirt with a plain white or black top. When choosing footwear, go for a pair of heeled strappy sandals or white sneakers, and you’re set!

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