Trends We Love To Hate

We’ve been seeing a lot more head-turning fashion trends in recent years, along with old trends that have been given another chance in the spotlight. Although fashion bears no limits, there are several occasions where we start to question how far is too far when it comes to certain trends? It’s getting to the point where there’s an aesthetic appeal in ‘ugly’ fashion pieces. Love them or hate them, some of these trends are here to stay while others are not so much.

Dad Sneakers

camel coat chunky sneaker balenciaga sneakers retro sneakers

This is the one trend that we cannot seem to escape. Whether we’re visiting the local shopping centre, going to class or dining out at a café, there’s always someone out and about who is wearing sneakers that are almost literally the size of the moon. Think chunky footwear that makes you look like you borrowed one of your dad’s kicks from the 80s. It’s become that big of a fashion statement that luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci, and sports brands such as Fila have embraced this trend in their sneaker designs.

All Things Neon

neon green outfit iamgia kylie neon orange

To think that we would’ve learnt from our early high school days when we thought wearing fluorescent colours made us look like the coolest kids ever. Neon green, yellow, pink and orange have recently made their mark on fashion apparel across luxury, retail and boutique brands. From knitwear to crop tops and bodycon dresses alike, neon is perfect for a music festival or simply for those who dare to add a splash of colour to their outfit. Let’s just say construction workers aren’t the only ones wearing fluoro anymore. Who would’ve known that looking like a human highlighter straight from your pencil case could also look so chic and edgy.

Bum Bags

black bum bag supreme bum bag leather bum bag

When we think bum bags or ‘fanny packs’, we automatically think lads from the suburbs or a foreign tourist’s staple accessory. Little did we know that bum bags would make such a statement in the fashion industry. Not only is it extremely practical to store all your essentials in the convenience of an easy to access bag, it is now considered trendy to wear a bum bag across your body similar to that of a cross body bag. You can pair this accessory with casual attire such as a plain tee and jeans, or even a pant suit if you want to try something unique.

Backpacker Sandals

lilac sandals coloured sandals blue docs

Nothing says fashion like another controversial footwear trend, right? Birkenstocks really paved way for other ‘daggy’ looking sandals to enter the fashion market. Think thick straps, a slight platform, velcro and lots of it. Some people even dare to wear these sandals with socks (sometimes brightly coloured or patterned). These shoes are definitely not for the faint hearted but honestly, hats off to people who can make this look work.

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