Embracing Our 90s Hair Affair

2018 saw the return of the beloved scrunchie, but this year paved way for a hair accessory that was adored by many during the 90s – hair clips, of course. The barrettes, hair clips and hair pins we all knew and loved in primary school have officially made their long awaited return and we are LIVING for it. If you’re feeling somewhat nostalgic, don’t worry because we definitely are. Here’s our top picks of novelty hair clips we think everyone needs to embrace.

Pearl Clips


Nothing says elegance more than pearls and what better way to wear them none other than in your hair. Being quite possibly the most trendiest of them all, you’ll find pearl clips at retailers and boutiques everywhere, it’s almost hard to miss. If you’re looking for an effortless way to add a feminine touch to your look, this is the hair clip you really can’t go passed.

Chunky Coloured Barrettes


When we think about barrettes from back in the day, the first thing that comes to mind are gold and silver classics. Now the aesthetic has shifted to glittery and marbled finishes amongst various pastel colours. If you can’t decide between the triangular and rectangular clips, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Let’s just say, barrettes are seriously cute and definitely one to add to your collection if you haven’t already.

Rhinestone Covered Clips

If you’re feeling extra, rhinestone covered hair clips are one way to bedazzle your hair and make heads turn. Even luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Dior have jumped on board this trend. Rhinestone clips have appeared on the runway fashion shows and on the heads of models and bloggers alike – if they can make fourth grade hair accessories look chic then so can you.

Clawed Clips

If a half up-do is your kind of thing then a trusty clawed clip is just what you need. There was a time where the sole purpose of these clips was to hold our hair up while we did household chores but rumour has it, it’s become a look that’s been resurrected from the past. Big clawed clips may have been loved by many but there’s now a growing appreciation of mini ones being the ultimate clips to reach for.

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